Which Things should be in your child bag while leaving him/her to Daycare

When a mother decide to go out from home and start her career. The first question which comes in front of her is where to leave kids. After deciding a safe and secure place like home the most important question which occurs in mothers mind is how my child is going to spend all day with strange faces. And what should we pack for them so his stay in daycare becomes comfortable with us. In this article we are going to discuss what essential things you should pack for your child while leaving him in daycare.

This article will help you to decide what things are essential to pack.


Formula milk:  this is the most important thing which you should pack in sufficient quantity. Because if you forget to pack it, infants can’t eat anything else and can’t drink even normal milk as well.


Diapers:  mothers should pack sufficient diapers with the child. Because infants poops three to four times in a day.


Feeder bottles:  with infants at least you should pack two bottles of feeders. Because infants take milk many times and due to hygiene reason there should be at least two feeders in their bag.


Three dresses: infants should have at least three dresses in their bags because they many time do vomits as well. And can split milk as well. And they must have two napkins in their bags. And if the weather is cold than you should keep body suits and jackets as well.

Baby lotion, baby bath, baby soap, baby powder:  bag must have these items because we never know when there is need of these things.


Nappy rash cream:  you should pack rash cream as well if your child has any sensitivity with rashes and diapers.


Towels:  bag should have clean pack of towels because every child should have personal accessories because it can safe kids from allergies and viral.


Medicines: if your child is ill and doctor has prescribed any medicine packs that and as well and inform the daycare providers about the medicines and prescription as well.

Gas pain reliever: many infants have gastric issues. So if doctor has prescribed any medicines or you are giving any thing by yourself as well keep that as well.

Pacifier: if your child is use to of taking pacifier, pack that as well.

Blanket: in cold weather mothers should provide separate blanket for your child.



All the above things are for toddlers and children as well but here we want to add any favorite toy which your child is use to of pack that as well. And any favorite thin or blanket or any pillow which your child need while sleeping.


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