About Us

Welcome to Childy’s
Day Care Center & Preschool

Who Are We

Childy’s Day Care Center & Preschool is running under the supervision of two specialized person in the field of Early Child Development from the past 8 years serving n the education field. Childy’s is prepared with extremely trained specialized, certified & professional staff for your child or infant.

The most recent innovations and materials are utilized at childy’s day care and preschool, to give a part of the most raised children, infant and parents satisfaction benefits available at the Childys. Lets come today to visit and see the difference by yourself. We strive to those personal satisfaction which are always flawlessness, so the fulfillment is our guarantee…!

What We Do

Childy’s Day Care Center & playgroup provides quality daycare services along with total early learning development programme by professionals. where your heart has a touch of everything from a learning environment time to play, time to rest, and nibble times in preschool. We guarantee to offer a situation where your infant gets a chance to create and enhance their identity through our curriculum.

Our educational modules are particularly intended to focus the children’s learning according to their environment, manners; keeping in mind their playgroup or preschool, safety and hygiene.

Day Care Center In Karachi

Childy’s Day Care Center In Karachi is a good addition in your Hometown. We don’t have maid system, we don’t prefer maids to look after your kids. We have in-house kitchen facility where food is freshly prepared for your kid. The best part which no one is offering in society is in your kids daycare fees your kids preschooling is free it means for initial three years of your kids early child development you don’t have to pay heavy fees (limited time offer) We give daily update to parents through social media. That how your kid spend his day. We know the first step, first smile, first writing is very important for you of your kid so we capture each and everything of your child and share it with you. We know your child is whole world for you and we are requesting you to visit at Childy’s Day Care Center In Karachi.


We provide a unique platform where your child is trained to become unique and tomorrow’s rising star. We equip your child with all those skills that are needed for lifelong learning.


Childy’s Day Care Center provide day care and Preschool/Play Group service. Our objective is to give a right start to your children’s early learning. To achieve such goal we have well-trained, qualified and experienced staff.


We give a stage where your child develop 8 D’s of Early Child Development; Spiritual, Cognitive, Linguistic, Physical, Emotional & Social, Communication, Technology, Life Saving skills.

Our Philosophy

All the resources have come together to build an atmosphere of fun at Childy’s day care center and preschool. Atmosphere, such as nurturing, appropriate, affordable and safe, which is suitable for Preschool and nursery age children. Our curriculum is specifically designed to focus the children’s learning according to their atmosphere, etiquette and society; keeping in mind their  preschool, safety and hygiene. Childy’s preschool trust that Early Childhood Development is one of the functions to create self-esteem, positive feelings towards learning and a sense of competence in every infant. We also believe in providing a learning environment that should create a reviving learning climate, secure and social in nature to develop all the children cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially. Child or infant, who are low, are paid special attention by teacher / babysitter so they can help them in developing the interpersonal skills, which are vital to work and learn cooperatively in early childhood development.

Our Priority

Childy’s preschool set schedule in such a way that children or infant spend time for similar activities, the things that we all do collectively, For example, music, sounds and circle time. We give them time in which the children or infant can do some activities on their own, such as playing with fun learning. To boost the early childhood development of upper goals, we arrange many activities for the infant. We play with blocks, make-trust, puzzle game, Dress up them, tell them stories, drawing, painting, outdoor games and activities.

We talk with child or infant, ask questions, and answer their questions to help them learn new words and to express their ideas and feelings.  At Childy’s Day Care & preschool all of these activities can help the children or infant to be curious and interested about the things which they do on their own and all that is going on around them.

An honest and clear communication can be vital to help your children’s development. Therefore, weekly report is given to parents and we also expect their impartiality with us!

Every class has a babysitter to ensure the cleanliness, as we focus on health and safety of child or infant. Plenty of Time is provided at childy’s day care and preschool for the children to eat and maintain constant health, safety and cleanliness of the environment. The emphasis on learning is leveled up as per the progresses of infant through every level.