"Right Place for the Right Start"

It is hard to decide, whether to leave your child with a babysitter or not but with childy’s the decision is no more difficult. We treat every single child or infant as a part of our family by providing them home-like environment. Childy’s provide best services in contrast to other companies.

Day Care , Preschool & Toddler services are provided at Childy’s. Our hourly day care service and babysitting is bestowed along with after school program, for kids more than 6 years. We serves children from infant 4 weeks to 8 years of age.

Our services include Day Care, Child Care, Preschool or Playgroup, Babysitting or Babysitter, Toddler.

Day Care

Day Care Center provide Babysitting or babysitter for infant with Preschool. There are many other facilities, such as before and after school care for school aged children, which are offered by Day Care centers. As they are formal and give structured environment along with specific drop-off and pick-up times.

Day Care Goals:

  • Childy’s assure to the parents that their children are in safe, caring and loving hands of our babysitter, as we provide Home-like loving and caring environment for your children.
  • Affectionate responsibility of mothers/ parents are shared by us with children. Parents who work during the day to make pinch pennies, and face difficulty in managing their work and parental responsibilities, childy’s is providing an opportunity to complete their responsibilities without talking any tension about their parental duties with the help of our babysitting
  • Childy’s serve your child or infant by disciplining them, dressing and playing with them; we are 9 to 5 moms to them.
Day Care Center

Pre School & Play Group

Play Group/Pre School is a great start for children to learn about how to socialize with peers, manage stress and solve problems. Childy’s provide a friendly and relaxed environment, where your child will have the opportunity to enhance their skills through physical activities. Preschool is the ideal setting through Fun and Learn.

Playgroup/Preschool Goals:

  • Childy’s help children to enhance the world around them and we also help them to learn about themselves.
  • We support children to adequate as learner and encourage them to feel good about themselves.


We are providing toddler fun with learning and  Development, we develop your children’s Cognitive, physical,  linguistic, social & emotions as being a basics of your children. A child is said to be a toddler when he/she is 1 to 3 years old. Toddler are sometimes referred as “the terrible twos”, because of the temper tantrums. While raising a toddler, their changing behavior may let you feel as if you are riding on a roller coaster as you follow their extreme highs and lows. Toddler have strong feelings and emotions and their communication skills let them down at times. Toddler will show great independence, as they begin to show defiant behavior. Childy’s also focus on the problems of the toddler, every toddler face many problems like; hitting, biting, screaming, throwing, pulling, thumb sucking etc.


Babysitting & Babysitter

It is very difficult to leave your child with Babysitter or another person. But it’s not difficult anymore at childy’s, as we have professional Babysitter. Our staff meets your kids and stays for a couple of hours after school. Basically our Babysitter responsibility is to take care of your toddler ’s comfort, develop nurture, prepare foods and meals, organize free time activities, maintain the self and environment cleanliness, emotional balance etc in early child development. We have to observe children’s behavior and provide the overall report to their parents. Our babysitter will keep an eye on your children’s activity during all over the time.

Early Child Development

Early Child Development is the essential part of life. Early Child Development is the phase where a child go through the cognitive, physical and emotional development . It is developed between 0 to 8 years (Toddler & Babysitting). As it is observed that both nature and nurture (genes and environment) affect children’s development; so it is vital to care about the stable environment. Environment which is supportive and caring, will builds up chances of toddler ‘s successful phase to school in Early Child Development. We know that if it is sort correctly in early years of life, we can hope to see children succeeding in school, College and professional lives.

Child Development