Attention Seeking Behavior

How To Manage Too Much Attention Or No Attention Seekers

Today in this article we will talk about attention seeker child behavior. The attention seeker behavior is determined by his surroundings, and the amount of attention he is given.

We all knew that anything which is given in proper quantity leave a positive impact same like if food is eaten in proper quantity it fulfill our hunger but when it is over eaten it causes motions, in the same case if the dose of medicine is taken in proper quantity it will not affect us and if we over dose the medicine it will have swear effects on our health.

So Dear Parents, attention is also the same case, over dosage or negligence both is extremely dangerous for your kid. In this article we will discuss Are we giving too much or less attention to our kid?

  • We have to understand this that there is two type of attentions, one is negative attention and other is positive attention. What we are supposed to do is that we have to evaluate that attention we are giving to kid is negative or positive.

Children who are attention seekers and given negative attention to fulfill their need and less amount of positive attention than ultimately they will develop desire of negative attention more than positive attention.


Following Points will show either we are giving too much negative attention to our kid or not:

If your child is too much stubborn and having too much mood tantrums, just relax and calm down yourself. He is beating other child, scolding him, shouting, Fussy Eater, and not listening to you. By shouting at him or beating him will give him negative impact, try not to give him this impact.

How to know that your child is Attention Seeker:

  1. He shouts at you.
  2. He always wants you to fulfill his demands.
  3. Your child guide you what to do.
  4. They scream at you when you say no to them.

These are some of the points which show you are living with a attention seeker baby. Now the question is what to do?


You just have to maintain the balance of proper amount of positive attention in him.

  1. Never tell anybody in front of him what bad things or habits he has.
  2. Never abuse him, or always scold him for his bad manners. By this “I am a bad boy” vision is created in his mind.
  3. For his mistakes sometime ignore him.

Some Tips To Handle Your Attention Seeker Kid

  • Bedtime bound is best to create with your child, tell him positive things. And assure him that is special time between you and him and how much you love him.
  • Make a day out plan, daddy son, and mother daughter. Indivually. And talk about different things in that day out but individually.
  • Pray with them. And make your prayers in front of them by this will know that how much you care for them and how much you love them. By adopting this habit they will come to know that even in your prayers you don’t ignore them and you are asking for blessings for them.
  • Dear mothers, first of all you have to evaluate yourself you have to start it from your side. Some time to show ithers we give lot of important to our kid that is bad and sometime it comes in them hereditary. So lots of patience are required in yourself and tell yourself that you can do it.
  • Makes some manners rules. Be consistent on your rules, because consistency is your key.
  • If they are not doing good, let them fail. Because struggles make you strong. They need to learn consequences. Help them in their struggles.
  • Love your child the way he is because God has created every child in a unique manner.
  • Just learn their language of love and talk to them in their love language.


Dear parents, determination of needs of your child are the key to success and you have to fulfill them in a positive manner. By giving them verbal praise, touch; play with them you will express how special they are for you.



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