“As my due date was coming ahead, my sleepless nights, duration going to washroom was on peak. I cannot work properly and can’t sit a lot and was unable to work not due to my health but I was excited for the little one to come in my hands, I was tired of nine months and want to get over soon. I was happy for the change which is going to come in my life. I was in love with the child which I have never seen just felt. I was going into the most beautiful relation in the world that is called “mom”.

But they were many questions which I have in my mind. Which were really disturbing me.

The questions were: I want to breast feed my child because I know how important is for my child.  But was worried how I will manage during my job when my maternity leaves will end.

It will going to disturb my child a lot.

All the stories people use to tell how difficult is to make your child leave breast feeding was making me extreme worried.

On other side I have to resume back my job after three months as well. I was really blank what to do.


This was questions of every Worried Working mom during her last trimester.

I was having all the answers to these queries. So here are the few tips which are going to help all the working and breastfeeding mom how to handle this situation.

According to lactation experts, an infant should be taking breast feed at least a month before introducing a bottle so the breast feeding is well established. And moms who have to resume their jobs they should start bottle feeding their infants at least two weeks before so both mother and child can adjust with this situation.

For the bottle feed an infant need different mouth and tongue movement which will definitely take some time to adjust and to make him use to of it.

  1. Try to give him bottle in evening after his regular feed so the child becomes use to of the bottle nipple.
  2. Try that somebody else introduce first bottle to him. Like his dad or anybody else at home.
  3. While giving him first bottle tries that somebody else give your child the first bottle. Try not to be at home because according to doctors infants can smell their mothers. So if you will be around your child might possible in presence of you he will not going to take the bottle.
  4. Try to introduce your infant with a slow flow nipples might possible he will be unable to cope up with the regular one.
  5. If your baby is taking pacifier, than try to buy a bottle nipple similar to pacifier. It will help him faster to drink milk form bottle.
  6. Let him play with the feeder bottle. Might possible playing with feeder and nipple he become use to off it.
  7. If your infant refuse to take bottle. Try some other time.
  8. Sometimes temperature also matter. If you are giving him room temperature bottle make it Luke warm water milk and vise versa sometime temperature also matter.
  9. While feeding him from the bottle change his position put him in carry cot or bouncer down put him in your arms once he get use too of bottle you can continue your desired position.

BF3It is not necessary that first time might possible your child will take feeder very easily but might possible second time he will refuse so you have to be patient and remember one thing breast milk is warm so try to introduce him with little warm milk.

And during all this process don’t blame yourself if he refuses to take bottle that I should be feeding from first day from bottle.

No it will take some time. I have a crossed through many mothers who shared their experience that they have to keep on changing their kids’ nipple until and unless they get one.

And don’t be guilty that you can’t feed your child. Try to feed him in evening and in night because no milk is best than mother’s milk.

BF 4But all these tips you should try before two weeks before resuming your office. Otherwise you will be in trouble and cannot concentrate on your work thinking about your child that does he took milk or not? And might he will be crying due to milk. So avoid this problems try all the above tips and but remember motherhood is not easy but extreme beautiful.

And these little efforts make your infant and your own separation little bit easy. And it will also make attendant or nanny of child easy to handle the infant.

Hope this article was helpful for those newly moms who have to resume their jobs after the delivery.

“Happy parenting”

BF 2This article is written by Childy’s Daycare and Preschool. . Childy’s Daycare & Preschool is an institute that provides a home like stable environment to children. In Childy’s we don’t have maid system. Children’s every work is done by qualified daycare attendants. While changing diapers disposable gloves are used and they make sure to sanitize their hands. And children have different diaper changing  area as well. Children are given care in safe, loving and caring environment.