Have you ever witnessed emperor penguin female? When lays egg after laying eggs she went into the deep water for two months and male emperor penguin take care of the eggs.

It has been witnessed that children who have involved fathers in their every day lives have better education success, social development and high self esteem.

The most important thing which child needs from his father is protection. But we are witnessing that our society lacks towards understanding the role of father in child’s life.

Father consider them as bill paying machine, they work day and night to make both end meet. But what I believe is this each moment spending with your child is more and more precious and memorable for him as spent in office. Here we cannot deny the financial burden which in most of the families’ father carries alone but they have to take time for their families as well.

Children who have much involved father involved in their lives are more confident and successful in their lives. They knew that there is someone at our back. Dad protection is much needed physically but it has been witnessed that it has a great impact on child’s physcological strength as well.

Because children always admire their father. And they want to copy whatever their father does. You cannot make your child to go to mosque or church or temple until and unless you are taking along with you. And one day he will come to you and say “ Baba lets go”

Same like with respect, you cannot make your child to give respect to others until and unless you give respect to your wives and daughters.


It’s an old saying that one father is equal to thousands of Masters a school.

It’s the duty of father to provide a stable environment to their child at home as well.

The importance of father cannot be ignored. He is the one who is responsible for earning livelihood for kids. A wise women or mother is who try to create strong bound, between father and children.

As we are living in Asian society, father is considered as paying bill machine not in all cases but majority will agree on this. It is considered very awkward if dad stand up and make bottle for their child, or change their diapers or change his clothes majority in our society don’t accept this thing, even our husbands are not use to of entering into kitchen in many cases.

It is witnessed and even we as a Muslims have great example of our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) that he use to help his wives in their home chores but as a father we don’t accept this and we think that father duty is to earn money they are not responsible of upbringing of their child at any cost.

But we cannot ignore things here that usually men are expression less individuals who cannot express themselves. A father will always think about them and care for them in a way nobody can understand.

A rich man is that person whose kids run in his arm when his arms are empty. Remember dear Fathers that we deposit memories in the memory banks of our children. So choose wisely your memory. Many fathers come home tired and give less time to their kids. Remember your child is understanding each and every thing and observing you very closely.

Dear Fathers, having children doesn’t make you a father raising them well make you fathers, and in the last a very quote, “Dad is a person who is sons first hero and daughters first love.”

In last as I always tell my dear mothers same like for Fathers, we know you are making countless efforts to give a good comfortable life for your children, but this duty doesn’t end over here. If you are running very fast to the material things, kindly slow down yourself, take out some time for your child and make memories. Because it’s not a race of brands, gadgets and schooling. Its fatherhood and a beautiful relationship between you and your child. Its ok if you are not providing branded things to your child, it doesn’t matter your child don’t have latest gadget. Remember your child has his father, his support and his unconditional love. Stop, breathe and live life with your children around you and make and deposit beautiful memories in memory bank of your child.

This article is written by Childy’s Daycare and Preschool. . Childy’s Daycare & Preschool is an institute that provides a home like stable environment to children. In Childy’s we don’t have maid system. Children’s every work is done by qualified daycare attendants. While changing diapers disposable gloves are used and they make sure to sanitize their hands. And children have different diaper changing area as well. Children are given care in safe, loving and caring environment.