A sweet letter for all those worried mom of newly school going/ daycare going child!!!!!!!

My dear sweet mummy,

I know you love me a lot. I mean the whole world to you. You love me in this world more than anything. You want to take care of me. You want to be my shadow as I am too small you know sometime I can’t express that what I want, but being a mom you understand my needs. You want best for me and you will not compromise for less.
I know you have to leave me at my school or my daycare due to your job requirements. And you get worried a lot that how I am going to spend my day without you.BAR 4
Believe me mummy I miss you a lot. Nobody can take your place but mummy I am a kid I get adjusted very fast. As you leave me at my daycare I forget about you. I cannot say that I don’t cry whole day. Yes! I do cry sometime for milk sometime for diaper and sometime my mood tantrums but trust me there are people who take care of me not like you but not less than you.
I need some time to get adjusted at new place so my dear mummy dnt panic yourself or dnt get worried, give me some time I will be fine. But if you will be worried I can’t be at peace I know it is your right but I am in safe hands so my dear mommy take a deep breath and calm yourself down.

I am fine and I am happy with my new friends, with my new nannies, with my new toys and with my new environment. I have lot of activities to do there. I don’t feel somebody is teaching me I enjoy doing activities. I play with my friends I am enjoying my new surroundings and I am spending quality time over here not sitting all day with maids or watching tv or cartoons. I am spending that quality time in which I am learning something but in a fun way.
So my cute worried mom give me some time to adjust and you don’t get worried. And remember that “I LOVE You.”

A newly school going or daycare going child……….


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