How to raise our sons!!!

Another very brutal and humanity less incident took place last week about 8year cute little girl Asifa. Her crime was only this that her God and the rapist God was different. Her story left me in tears while reading it and boiled my blood.

Now many debates on social media were going on that child was Muslim that’s why this act happened. Fight between two nations and two religions. I will not go into the religion or nations right now. I knew one thing that humanity was killed. People who are criticizing because this incident happened in our neighbor country with whom we are having a very old grudges. So the answer to those people must be this that you also kidnapped their girl and do the same, like that can you justify yourself? No, not at all. It is all about humanity. Please don’t forget about Zainab which was kidnapped and killed in your own country and rapist and victim God was not different.

Point here comes, that what should we do? We should start caging our small daughters in our home. Dnt let them go out. Don’t send them to school. Keep them in homes? Is this the solution? No, not at all.

Basically, it all start from the mother. Being the Mother of son how many times we told our Son to lower their gaze? How many times we tell our sons to be good human being?

How many time we treat our daughters like sons?

How many time we ask our son to wash dishes for us? Most of us will answer never. The point is being Parents we think our boys are far superior than our daughters. They should not do house chores, they should not control themselves while fighting. If two siblings are fighting we always say to our daughter; don’t do this because he is a boy he is going to fight with you. Why? When we are going to try make our sons good human being?

When a Mother is raising a Son she is always telling their sons, majority of us, you know boys don’t do this? Boy don’t help in home, boys are meant to earn outside and this is the duty of girls to serve them and treat them like God? Why? Many religious people will say ohh husband is the superior person. Every girl should obey her and follow her. But my dear religious persons. Why we are forgetting if men are superior, they are because they are,meant to protect you, help you. Not to bash you or order you. In Asian Countries, we feed our sons from the childhood that parenting word is only for mothers dad is exempted from this word. We tell them raising the child is only the duty of mothers, father our just Atm machines. His work is to earn only. No not at all, they should be the part of rising a good human being out of their sons. We always teach our sons. Boys don’t cry. How many of us told our sons that boys don’t make others cry? Very meaningful wordings.

Few days back movement was going on, girls were riding cycles, and having banners in their hands, make you own food, my body my will and so on and so on. Where are those girls why we don’t protest about our rights? Why we don’t protest for girls  being raped. Why? Because we want to become a symbol of modernism but we really don’t want to fight for some real cause. Why we don’t want to protest that men should recognize the value of women.

Please to all those mothers who are raising their sons, stop telling them that girls are less worthy than them. Helping in kitchen is not their duty or if they help their wives in raising children it is  big sin. if they look after their children, or changes diaper it is not their duty.

If we focus on making our sons’ Good human being many problems will be solved. If we teach them, boys don’t make others cry that can bring a very big change in our society. The problem which society has developed that we make sure boys know they are superior to girls but we forget to teach them how? We don’t teach those right values of women. What are their rights and Allah has made man superior than women how? Because he can order or he is powerful enough to degrade or rape? No he is superior because he can protect her, can become a big support, love her and handle her. When a man walks before a women, he should be walking to protect her, if man is asking don’t go out alone, because he should be worried for her safety. If women are lifting heavy weights, man should be helping because he don’t want her face health issues. I hope the girls who are raising their sons got my point.