Tips for Parents when Dropping Off Kids at Day Care Center

Tips for Parents when Dropping Off Kids at Day Care Center

The most difficult part of the day is getting children up in the morning and dropping them off at their day care Center. Each and every parents face tough drop-offs one or another way. But if parents are equipped with some drop-off tips this transition can be smooth. This article will discuss some helpful tips that can help parents in drop-off transition.

Feed your child: Before dropping your children to a center make sure to feed your child and change him/her by doing so your child will have good mood. Usually children are drowsy at their arrivals to day care and if they are well fed it they will resist less while being handed over to attendant.

Be happy: while dropping your kids at day care center, be happy as your child pick up your mood. Your child will be feeling confident, if he/she sees you happy and confident.  Never let your children know that you are sad or too worried dropping him/her.

Avoid Hang around: usually parents stay quite a long time to make sure if their child is settling down but by doing so situation get harder for child. Give child to the attendant and wait in waiting area where your child can’t see you.  For majority of kids it just a matter of minutes to get settled in environment and they happily play with other kids if don’t see their parents.

Request an update of your child: Ask the staff to update your child activities through Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media source. As when you will receive update of your child such as video or photograph it will make you more confident and happy leaving your child in suitable day care center and you will have more trust on their services. This service will also help you to have a conversation with your child when you will pick them up.

Say Good Bye: Never leave you child without saying good bye. Before leaving always say I love you, kiss and hug them as this very important step. This will help them better understand meaning of good bye and they will also learn being independent. Always tell them you will come to pick them up from their day care center and when you receive your child tell them how much you love them and you will always come for them no matter where you are.

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