Teething period in infants

Having a baby is the best moments for any parent life. I believe in this thing that when a child is born mother and father both are born, before they never exist. So after child both are born.

When a child is born he makes you a proud parent with that he welcomes you to Parenting. With lots of joyful moments and precious moments it is a very big responsibility and there are many problems which newly made parents have to face which they must not be aware of if they had a first child.

So in this article we are going to discuss the most first problem which they face after becoming parents that is teething problems. Teething period is little bit critical for parent and infant as well.

First thing, teething starts from the age of six months but it can be started between 3 months as well. Till 3 years kids have all teeths.

The teething period is very painful for kid and parents as well. Because due to it infant is in pain as well and there face some noticeable change in this period, i.e. mild temperature, irritability, sucking, ear rubbing, gum rubbing, drooling, decreased appetite, biting.

Having motions doesn’t mean that it happens due to teething it basically happen due to thing infant take in his mouth to his/her gums. In this period, kids get too much cranky and stubborn but don’t get panic. If he is having motions don’t stop his food, because like this he will be weak and keep him hydrated if he is having lot of motions.

Now it is a very big problem for mothers who are working because many Day Care refuse to keep kids when they are ill or having fever or motions. But some daycare keeps ill kids as well. Daycare as well must need to take some measures against it. Those measures include first thing hygiene. They should keep an eye that what kid is taking in his mouth and what stuff he/she is eating. The best thing is kid should be given some hard thing like carrot or cucumber to rub his gums. In this issue honey is also a very good medicine. You can rub some honey on kids gums he will feel better. In some kids gums became so tender that kid face lot of difficulty in eat or chewing something. For this feed him something cold or very soft food so it will be easy for him to eat while not giving lot of pressures on gums. Some kids faces difficulty in sleeping as well for this try to be on your same routine but try to rock hi/her cradle and be with him/her while sleep.

There are several oils, gels, tubes for relieving pain during teething but they are extremely harmful because they contain Benzocaine and lidocaine.

According to FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) these both chemicals are extremely dangerous for kids. Oils or gels which contain Benzocaine, they limit the oxygen level in the infant body. And Lidocaine can cause seizures, brain injury heart issues. Try to use some home remedies.

I hope this article was helpful for those parents who are going through this stage.


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