A Letter To My Day Care Attendant


Dear Baby sitter,

The reason to write this letter to my child care provider is that waking up in the morning an making your toddler ready for day care and have to look good and fresh as well so many times I cry that oh God how difficult is to get ready in the morning with kid.

Whenever I came to drop my kid in the morning you always meet me with a happy face and with a greeting smile on your face. Rushing towards my office, instructing about my kid I never thought that you are here before me with another kid with you in your lap offering him feeder. You always facilitate me and try to relax that you are there to look after my kid.

I never realized may be any day you are ill or haven’t had enough sleep but you always meet me so happily. I don’t know at what time you arrive at day care but you are always before me.

When my kid is ill or having seasonal flue I always and daily instruct you about my kid prescription, which you already knew that but you still listen to me carefully.

When the days I am fussy or not having a good day I sometime make lot of questions to you but you always answer me with smiling face.

When I am too tired after coming back from my office you greet me with a smiling face. Handover my kid in clean clothes her hairs are always tied. I never have time to think that whole day how many kids, you were offered to handle. How much kids created fuss with you. At evening some time your hairs and clothes are messed but which I can’t forgot is your smile with you always meet me. This letter is a token of thanks from my side to my day care attendant, for taking care of my kid in that time when I am unable to give him quality time due to my professional responsibilities. Thank you for always being there for my kid. You are my kid 9 to 5 mom. Handling my kid in his fussy mood or in his illness or in his cranky period.

A Thankful Working Mother.