Fussy Eaters

Fussy Eaters: Part-I

It’s ok if your kid is a fussy eater. This age comes between 1 to 6, it’s a part of children development so those parents who are worried and complaining about their kids Fussy Eaters (ing) habit just relax. In this article we will discuss the reasons and their solutions.

It is very normal that one food is your kid’s favorite today and very second day he even doesn’t want to touch that food. And by spending whole day in kitchen you prepare something special for him, he refuse to taste it but when he goes somewhere else he eat in this way that you never offered or cooked that meal for him.


Basically, this is the way to explore environment around him they want to explore colors, new taste, new flavors around him. Secondly this is the only thing in which he feel independent to make choice either eat or not.

Third thing is whole day activities and whole day schedule is also the thing on which your kid appetite depends. How much they are growing or in which sort of activities they are doing. On above both thing(growing ratio and activities) your kid appetite depends.

Good news for parents that as your kid will grow he will be less fussy eaters so no need to worry about it at all.

Here are Some tips how  to handle fussy eaters:

  • Your kid willingness depends on the atmosphere you will provide him for his meals to try new food and tastes.
  • Make a meal time a happy time. Don’t be a fussy parent, don’t worry about drinks or water spilled on floor and always appreciate your child for having food with you.
  • Parents who give lot of attention on children for not taking food, also make them fussy eaters. Just ignore your kid if you feel he is making too much fuss in eating. Don’t make this an issue and don’t discuss fussy eaters habit with others in presence of him.
  • Make a table a place where he can discuss his whole day routine, where he can tell stories of whole day, listen to his problems. And switch off cell phones and television as well.
  • Make food little bit exciting for him by cutting slices into shapes, putting chicken pieces into skewers. Cutting fruits into different shapes.
  • Bringing personalized plate or glass of your child favorite cartoon character may also help. And make him more attracted towards food.

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