Fussy Eaters

Fussy Eaters: Part-II

To Be Continued Fussy Eaters: Part-I

This article is related to our previous article in which we discussed about fussy eaters and how to handle this issue. Here also we will elaborate this issue and discuss how to handle fussy eaters.

First of all the very important thing is this that your child feels independent regarding saying yes” or “no” to food. So it will be good that parents give little bit independence in eating food.

Here are some tips how you can give your little munchkins freedom of eating.

Food Choice
  • You can give your child two choices to select food like this your child will be in your control more than before. For example, give your child two choices like, would you like to have banana or apple, give them two choices more than two make him confuse.
  • Engage your kid in household work with you which will make them proud that they did something for their family. For example, put these glasses on table or assemble the salad in platter. And of course, don’t forgot to appreciate him for his efforts.
  • Its ok to make your child independent in choosing food for themselves. If they don’t like crust of bread just remove it. Don’t force them to have it .This little act of yours will make him more happy and attracted towards food.


  • Make attractive food, cut it into shapes and colors and ask your child to choose from the plate.
  • Keep offering that meal which you want child to eat. He will refuse it or may be for long time he just observe it but he will try that food all you need is just patience.
  • Encourage your kids for sharing their food in their daycares and preschools like this they will develop the habit of eating plus its natural when you sit with other people you eat and they will learn the habit of sharing as well because” sharing is caring”.
Fussy Eaters
Food For Kids
  • Food which you are eating or served on table should always offered to the kids. And always praise the food like, it’s too “yummy”, “wow” or “nice”. Use these sort of phrases so he get excited and take interest in eating food.
  • Last but not the least please don’t panic yourself if child doesn’t eat. It is totally normal just figure out some easy strategies. Never fulfill their eating demands because if you do so they will remain fussy eaters when they grow older.
  • Eat together praise them. And especially if you are a working parent never serve the food in front of TV or watch TV while eating. This is very special time for your child and you. Sit together, eat together, discuss things or problems and eat together.


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