Your child comes FIRST

Childy’s know that your child’s health, security and safety is very important to you more than education and development. Therefore, mobility and protection are critical consideration beyond all the things that we do at Childy’s. We provide everything, from first aid for emergency situations to sanitation, kids play area, indoor or outdoor Activities for kids. You can confidently say that at childy’s your child is cared  in a secure, nurturing environment every day as we ensure the clean and healthy environment for your children.

Class Rooms

  • Fully Air conditioned
  • Modern designed, Spacious rooms
  • Safe (Child Proofed) Environment, Hygienic
  • Host a Fun and addictive Early learning experience
  • Like “home” yet conducive and effective for learning

Kids Play Area

  • Equipped with proper Tools & Toys
  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Hygienic
  • Well-maintained


  • Equipped with the best quality bathroom necessities
  • Equipped with toilets, baths, urinals and washbasins
  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Hygienic

Children at Childy’s have their:

  • Living/Studying Area: (lots of toys , flash card, Screens for watching limited Disney movies, activities for kids, kids musical learning boards and jumping balls along with vibrant colors, where children learn and do different kids activities.
  • Sleeping room: where kids sleep on their own cribs or mattresses with beautiful light lamps on the wall)
  • Activity Area: indoor and outdoor areas are separated for kids activities.
  • Kids Play area: where secure slides are placed and swings for kids activities.
  • Dining area: where children eat & have their meals and feeders.
Day Care Wellness


Childy’s evaluate every child’s health by looking for symptoms while the children spend day with us, we specially boost assessment during flu season. We tell parents when a child is not well to help avoid an illness from spreading.

Kids Play Area

Childy’s have indoor outdoor separate kids play area that are safe & flourishing. If your child takes a tumble, for that we have safe fall zones with soft landing areas.

Child Care Security


Childy’s is secured by CCTV cameras & Security Person, so that only authorized staff and families may enter. All the premises are covered by CCTV camera which is directly monitored by directress in her room.

Activities For Kids

While Childy’s are building up child’s development, games, learning and many other kids activities are very helpful. Indoor and outdoor activities for kids can develop your child’s creativity, cognitive skills, social skills and make an emotional balance even faster. Games and kids activities are more than just fun as they can help in building up physical development and early learning. Childy’s develop more than dozens of Activities for kids, such as bean bag races, Bubble Fun, Bird in the cage, Balloon Fun, Bath time bubbles, Art & Craft, Artwork display, Apple smile etc. there are many other kids activities related to brainstorming, board, math, Art, listening and speaking etc.


Our class rooms are cleaned on daily basis with safe and brand disinfectant solutions. Childy’s clean our floors regularly. Cleaning supplies are secured safely out of reach of children. By making children to sing poems and teaching them lessons; about hygiene, we actually persuade children to wash their hands time to time. An area is separated from kids activities area for diapering.


Devoted and friendly babysitters are available at childy’s, who are expert in education and early childhood development or in a similar field. We posture the background to make sure that the staff is trustworthy. Our passionate teachers are trained enough to provide best care, education to your children. Kids activities are perform in the presence of experience & professionals staff.

A True Emphasis on Hygiene

Childy’s make use of sanitizer stations, safety wipes, and non-powdered gloves for the clinic, as per the Childy’s commitment to health and safety. The teachers utilize it while feeding children and the nannies utilize it at the time of diaper change. Installed sanitizer dispensers are available at every corridor and kids play area. An exact schedule is followed for cleaning i.e. daily cleaning. For more safety and hygiene, our babysitter utilize hardly non-commercial and brand disinfectant solutions to secure the top quality cleaning.

Child Care


An on call doctor is attainable all the time for emergencies at childy’s. In case of any intuitive situation of emergency, Childy’s is situated near by a General hospital.

Power Back-up

To give back-up power supply in case of electricity failure, Generators are used and emergency lights are also installed at various points.

Card System

We know that the biggest happiness for you is your child and you shouldn’t be settling for less. For the safety of your child, Childy’s cater a card system for security of your child.