Celebration of Independence Day 2018 @ Childys

Independence Day is  a very important day for any nation. And we should tell our young generation that with how many sacrifices are ancestors gave to make this country, our beloved country Pakistan. where we can live freely, without any fear.

Just to tell the significance of independence we celebrated Independence Day at Childys with our little children.

There were so many activities planned for them. They painted their air dry clay flags of Pakistan. They made green drinks for them. They had all their food of green color. breakfast started with green crepes, lunch chicken green pasta and sweet rice colored green and white.

They gave a tremendous performance on national anthem and other national songs of Pakistan.

After that they had their cute photo session.

All kids were dresses in green and white just to show love for their country.

During all this event we haven’t left behind our little infants, in following post you can see their videos and pictures as well celebrating independence Day with Childys.

May Allah shower His countless Blessings on our Be Loved country.

Pakistan Zindabad…. Pakistan Paindabad………….

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