A letter for those girls who want to choose their career as a preschool teacher or daycare attendant

It was 10:45pm and I was having swear headache due to full load of kids at dayClocks_10-45_Ticklistcare and playgroup. At that time what you need is a cup of coffee and sound sleep. My phone rang and I saw a message one of my parents at my daycare. He wants to talk I was expecting now there must be some issue or complain. But suddenly when my eyes was running on screen saw voice message of my little kiddo that “Where are you Javeria aunty? I miss you. Come back soon.”

The reason to share this is this, girls who want to join this field or they are new in this field.

Dear girls, all you need is little bit love and affection. People who want to become financially strong kindly don’t join this field because you can’t earn money but you can earn lots of love, admiration from little angels and you will be the role model for them as well.

And if you don’t have these characteristics kindly find some other profession. The problem of our country is this in every third house we can find a teacher who thinks she can teach. Or you can say the easiest profession is to be a teacher. We think that to teach a toddler is the most easy job what you need is little knowledge and that’s it, but dear girls it is not so because we have to admit it the children who are coming to you means whole world to someone. So be patience and polite to them because you are going to leave very strong print on child heart and mind. And for the rest of his life he will remember you in good words or you will be the worst nightmare for him.  To the world you may be a teacher but for your student you are a hero.

Following are some qualities which every girl should have before pursuing towards this career.

Patience is the first step towards this career. If you don’t have patience no need to join this profession.

A teacher should be optimistic. Remember when you enter a class your student will observe you each and everything; your body language, your words your actions, everything. So if you will be optimistic about your surrounding and you will be energetic you will leave a good effect on your student.


Remember teacher is that person who loss his sleep over others persons children. Teacher is a gardener that will plant a seed which’s plant will grow forever. The impact of a good teacher on student’s life can never be erased. And may be your student will forgot what you teach them but they will never forget what you make them feel. So girls think “Why you
want to teach?”

If you get answer of this surely you will come on the conclusion why teaching?

Teaching needs determination. You should be determined about your goals.


A life of child is a blank paper on which every person leaves a print but preschool teacher/daycare attendant is the first person to leave the print so leave a good print. Every child is different kind of flower so remember you are collecting a bunch of flowers in your garden if you will nurture them well the will bloom forever. But if you will not than they will not flourish.

Your career as a teacher will full big part of your life with lots of love, good memories not your pockets.


This article is written by Childy’s Daycare and Playgroup. Childy’s Daycare & playgroup is an institute that provides a home like stable environment to children. We have complete pre schooling. We don’t prefer burdens studies. Kids are taught in modern manner. A place where a child can explore the world in modern manner.